Everyone join us for an online AAC conference
June 27 - 28, 2017

AAC in the Cloud is a new, fully-online, free AAC conference for the Augmentative and Alternative Communication community (how's that for a mouthful). There are some great in-person conferences focused on AAC, and some more general Assistive Technology conferences that all help our community learn and grow, but there are so many people that don't live near any of these venues, and we wanted them to have access to good AAC learning resources as well.

We all know learning to support communicators takes time, practice, and lots of reminding and rethinking and... relaxing? Probably. Anyway, we wanted to pull together the online AAC communities out there and give some hands-on, applied training and resources for everyone -- experts, beginners, extended relatives, you name it!

We hope AAC in the Cloud continues to grow, and provides real value for the AAC community. Please join us in helping make that happen!

All the details

Conference Date: June 27 -28, 2017
Time: 12pm - 7pm EDT each day

The Venue: All sessions will be held online, so you will just need a screen and the internet. URL information coming soon.

Questions: For any questions please contact melissa@mycoughdrop.com

Help us bring AAC into the Spotlight

Alternative and augmentative communication is making otherwise silent voices heard around the world, which is great! But we can do more to help AAC communicators, families, and supporters as they move forward.

For that purpose, CoughDrop will sponsor a free conference June 27 - 28 meant to share insights, products, and experiences that center on AAC.

We invite you to join, completely free, on us...


We look forward to working with you to increase the use, awareness, and acceptance of AAC.

Wondering who we are?

Learn more about CoughDrop and why we care so much about AAC, communicators, and their support teams here

Visit us here: mycoughdrop.com