AAC in the Cloud is a lot more than just a collection of friendly, informative sessions about AAC (though don't get us wrong, those are pretty awesome by themselves).

AAC in the Cloud is a chance to make new connections and have some fun while asking questions, sharing and learning together! We had a lot of great activity in the chat channels (hosted on Slack).

In addition to just sharing ideas and resources, we played emoji charades (how would you describe your favorite song using only emoji?), had a grown-up coloring page contest, and a lot of other great things. We definitely want to keep a strong community, so we'll be looking for ways to keep the conversation going over time.

AAC in the Cloud coloring page
AAC in the Cloud coloring page, colored by Whitney Shannon
Cuttlefish Coloring Page
Cuttlefish coloring page, colored by Marybeth Mugavin