The 2017 Online AAC Conference is still available...

The fun never has to end! Technology can make such a difference in the lives of those with communication issues, and we hope this conference will continue to make a difference.

Isn't the cloud amazing? The conference is over, but the sessions are still available for you to watch online. You can still fill out participation surveys for sessions you watch and generate a certificate of attendance for up to 30 days after you watch any sessions.


Conference Date: June 27 -28, 2017
Time: 12pm - 7pm EDT each day
The Venue:

All sessions were held online and streamed via YouTube. The full conference schedule is below, including links to each session's video feed. Once you finish watching a session you'll see a link to fill out the participation survey and generate a certificate of attendance.

Looking for a certificate of attendance?

Check out or FAQ for more details, but we will offer certificates of attendance that you can submit for maintenance or activity hours, and sessions are available via YouTube to watch even after the conference is over.

NOTE: To earn attendance credit, you need to watch the videos in the web site's player, NOT on YouTube or you won't get access to the participation survey links.

Presenter Slides and Handouts

Presenters have submitted some resources for everyone's access, including links to material from their sessions. Check them out here!

Access slides and handouts from the conference

Keeping it Social

A big part of AAC in the cloud was the social aspect! We used Slack to host our chat sessions, which included games, activities and lots of additional resources for attendees. It was great to help everyone feel more connected and keep the conversations going, so we'll definitely be doing this part again.

Don't believe us? Just look look at these awesome winners from our coloring contest



We loved hosting this conference! We look forward to running it again in 2018!

Wondering who we are?

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This is going to be awesome... don't miss out.