Session Information

Below is the session information for the conference. All sessions were broadcasted live, and posted to YouTube after the fact. We also ran chat channels via Slack to participate in the conference sessions (and other fun items), so if you feel like you're missing something, that might be it.

You can see a link to uploaded resources/slides/handouts on the conference home page.


Track 1

Families first! These sessions are focused on practical, applied usage of AAC. Some are introductory sessions for families and caregivers that are new to AAC, and some can help those farther along the path to challenge themselves and gain new ideas or insights.

Track 2

Professional and instructional resources. These sessions are a little more targeted toward educators and practitioners. Anyone is welcome to join, since evidence-based examples and real-world experiences can help everyone learn and improve.


Track 3

Sessions in track 3 are more technical. Some sessions are CoughDrop-focused, some are provided by our partners or other AAC and technology vendors. These sessions can help those looking for an AAC solution, or hoping to gain insights and perspectives from existing products and technologies.

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